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They're practical perfectionists who can be generous, witty and extremely charming, according to AstroStyle.

We might be able to expect our Virgo bachelorettes to be "highly productive" with a love of analysing situations -- perfect for narrating the drama-filled cocktail parties. Virgo and Leo? Apparently as "hot as it is cold" which sounds Librans are represented by the scales because they're constantly weighing up their decisions and are notorious for sitting on the fence. Cafe Astrology tells us Librans have a "keen sense of balance" and are associated with love, beauty and artistry.

Librans and Leos?

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

A "stellar match-up of two social butterflies" AstroStyle tells us. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, represented by the archer because of their eternal quest for a higher purpose. Which, in the case of our four Sag bachelorettes, could be finding their way into Matt's heart. Sagittarians have strong personalities, are risk-takers and love to go on adventures.

Daily Horoscopes For February 2, 12222 For Each Zodiac Sign

They're also completely unafraid of speaking their mind, which could land these gals in trouble in the Bach mansion. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is all about structure, boundaries, responsibilities and commitment, according to Cafe Astrology. Represented by the determined mountain goat, Caps are usually very goal-focused, good with their finances and incredibly disciplined. These over-achievers will stop at nothing to claim success so the other star signs in the Bach mansion should be a little worried about these Cap go-getters around.

Aquarians like being different from everyone else, so it's a good thing that Monique is the only member of the air sign in the house. The sign of the water bearer is open-minded and generous with no time for injustice! According to AstroStyle, they can come across as being aloof and so let's hope Hannah can be a little vulnerable and open up to Matt during her time on 'The Bachelor'. The 'Bachelor' mansion is completely free of the water sign that loves a good cry -- but there'll still be plenty of crying from the other signs, trust us.

That's a wrap on the girls' sun signs, stay tuned for our astrological recaps and a deep dive into their entire charts. You know you have a big personality — try and keep it in check today.

Your daily horoscope: November 28 - The Globe and Mail

An old lie will catch up with you. Own up to it and free yourself for any unnecessary guilt.

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On the work front, a bonus cheque may be on its way to you. Accept it humbly and treat yourself to something fancy, discreetly.


Spend some time with them in the coming week, and use this opportunity to build a future together. Money matters are likely to improve in a couple of days. You have a lot of pending work to wrap up today. But after that things will pick up. Try and avoid any major conflict with your parents and significant other to enjoy your Sunday. Libra a lot of love, acknowledgment and support from your friends is on the cards for you today. A new business opportunity also beckons. Tread carefully in money matters and reach out to the wisest person in the room for advice.

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Relationship with money is a little rocky but love is solid. A new opportunity at work that was once laden with promise and good hope is not your cup of tea anymore. Try and get out of it without making too much of a fuss as it may negatively impact your office life. Keep yourself distracted by indulging in a little spa time. Shell out some money and pamper yourself today. It is also a good day to shop for yourself.

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On the work front, things are going good but you need to carve out some time to travel and reconnect with old friends. So start saving for a fun trip. Aquarius turn your brilliant charm on.