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Manav Jaitly reveals your October health horoscope!

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Astrologer predicts Nayanthara's marriage. Shani Margi These 5 zodiac signs will benefit the most from this planetary change. How to save water the old way. Rivulets in spate inundate houses in Patiala, over 1, shifted to safety. Shivamogga observes bandh, schools expected to remain closed.

River rejuvenation: Garbage dump removed from choti nadi. TN govt has ensured poor patients get equal share of organs for transplant, health minister says.

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Interactive workshop on handwriting analysis, numeric science by astrologer Jai Madaan in Jaipur. Health horoscope for the month of July.

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From around the Web. Recommended By Colombia. Changes apply only to the physical bodies. Common stages are birth, childhood, teenage, adulthood, oldage, and death.

What is a Nadi Leaf?

The real you the Athma then enters into a different body depending on your Karma and takes form relative to the good or bad deeds you have done. Athman can neither be created nor destroyed. Athman manifests in a physical body as per applicable karmas. In Karmic terms, a transition like this is like a person working in an organisation getting promoted when he or she works sincerely, honestly and efficiently, or demoted if he or she is a bad worker.

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Naadii Astrology is like a mirror of your karmas in the previous birth s. While this is not entirely accurate, for simplicity's sake, let's say there are two options associated with your Karma. You either live out your mistakes or you can overcome them by performing corrective actions in a proactive manner - this goes for all living beings. All beings, irrespective of species, nationality, religion, social class, aggressiveness, etc. The Navagrahas are very sincere in their duties as cosmic public servants and never deviate in performing their duties.

They cannot be bribed.

They affect individual beings as well as entire societies as per the Karma thoughts, words and deeds of beings in this world as well as other worlds applicable. The current life path of a person is determined by past Karma.

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It is like a person who has saved a lot of punyas in his or her account cashing it in when the need arrives. Birth, death, rebirth and moksha are all controlled by our karma. Paapams activities that result in negative Karma are obstacles that may take long to dilute whereas punyas earned can be 'spent' very soon. From the Hindu point of view, this makes it important that we always think good thoughts and do no harm to any other being.

Bad Karma is committed even if we think unrighteous thoughts. What is to be given to your lot in life, when, how and where are all decided by the Brahma using the Navagarahas and the Siddars as channels.


As the Brahma cannot do everything in our realm directly, 84, Siddars have been created to perform duties on its behalf. Siddars are only another level of public servants in the cosmos, and they have capabilities and energies many would consider supernatural, although in Hinduism this is quite normal.

Of all the siddars, 84, are identified as very powerful and these siddars express themselves by way of Naadi. Agathiyar is the leader of all Siddars. Agathiyar along with Kakapujandar, Bokar. Agathiyar always thrived for Jeeva Karunyam to not harm any being , i. In the film Chandran Rutnam is set to direct, Prince of Malacca , the olai-chuvadi palm-leaf reading which Raj Rajaratnam sought to forecast his future is influenced. After Johny reads an article in the Newsweek magazine by a professor at the University of New York, he becomes interested in olai-chuvadi reading or Naadi astrology.

The article reveals, "Rajaratnam had gone to the ola-leaf readers. That he had to close his business down. Rajaratnam revealed in the article that he doesn't generally believe in fortunetellers and astrologers. In those days there was no share business.


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