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It's just that 3, years ago, when they were drawing up a plan for the signs of the zodiac that would correspond with the months of year, the Babylonians already had a month calendar — so they left poor Ophiuchus out. With that and the fact that the earth's axis no longer points in the same direction in mind, NASA explained that the signs as we know them have completely different date ranges now.

Now that you've caught your breath, here's a hard truth: From the get-go, astrology was not intended as an exact science. And as NASA has shown, some of its most foundational values, like these very signs, can be challenged by astrology's hard-science counterpart, astronomy. For those of you scrambling to know what to believe in anymore, it's completely up to you.

Some astrologers add that the seasons play a role in determining the signs' dates, but it's really just a matter of whether you subscribe to the zodiac signs or their corresponding constellations. Each person has a different relationship with their sign and horoscope — if they have one at all — so if you'd like this news from NASA to shatter your worldview, by all means, let it.

Where Do Zodiac Signs Come From? Here's the True History Behind Your Horoscope

But if you've already invested a fair share of personal meaning into the sign you've believed you were born under all along, that's fine, too. Finally, it's important to keep in mind that this isn't the first time this has happened and it won't be the last — after all, in the next couple thousand years, the earth's axis will probably point in a slightly different direction all over again. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. Too bad, everything was so perfect up until that moment! On the upside, Scorpio is dark, brooding, and mysterious. On the downside, he is dark, brooding, and mysterious, and that gets old fast!

Especially when he spends all his time brooding alone in a dark jail cell for selling mysterious substances.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

A girl needs a bit more availability than that! Then you found out the birthday vacation in Bali he gave you was actually planned to escape his felony charges.

Official Zodiac Signs of Marvel's Avengers (According to Their Canon Birthdays)

So entrepreneurial! Dating a go-getter can be such a turn-on, but Cap is so obsessed with his work that he may put it above you. You deserve better than second best! Especially when his first best is pulling hash out of his socks in an alley to sell to strangers. Ew, smelly! But watch out, this Water Bearer can get too stuck in his head: leaving you, your feelings, and your pussy dry. Almost as dry as the goods he smuggled across country lines to place into the local marketplace.

Aries: March 21 – April 19

No thank you! Surely nothing can go wrong with this winner!

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Think again. He seems to be dipping into his own stash and going paranoid.

Knowing this ahead of time can make all the difference. So you may want to use the last part of May and the first two weeks of June to get projects going and good work done. Meanwhile, the new moon in Gemini on June 3rd will remind us that our words have incredible power.

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This new moon is an invitation to get clear on our messaging and align our actions with them. And the full moon in Sagittarius on June 17th is a beautiful one that will highlight our growth and give us many an insight into the abundant power of generosity.

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  • It will, however, be flanked by some of the more challenging astrology of the season. Illuminating power struggles, the full moon will ask us to rise above the ego dramas that dominate our timelines and human lives far too frequently. What would be the most challenging and soulfully satiating thing to try this year?

    Everything You Need To Know About Fixed Zodiac Signs

    The full moon highlights the love in your life and reminds you to praise all of it. Money issues will also arise, calling on your courage and your best strategies for outsmarting any feelings of unworthiness. Gemini Season is a precursor to your own. Do any and all behind the scenes work necessary around the new moon. Excavating old ways of working is key if new systems of thought are needed.

    The full moon will bring a work project to your attention. The trick is to stay with the solutions, as problems may be plenty. Gemini Season wants you out with friends, colleagues, and social networks of all kinds, helping you hatch new plans with dream teams. The full moon celebrates your creative work and romantic relationships, while encouraging you to celebrate the moment.

    Still, a little reprieve helps the medicine go down. Gemini Season wants to see you shine in professional and public roles. A little anxiety is normal when we are so exposed. The new moon wants you to recommit to doing the work in the world that calls to you the most.